Rise Up, Josephine

RISE UP, JOSEPHINE ! (The Spear Of Destiny)

Jehovah is about to pour out an INCREASE of GRACE upon the Josephines!

In a vision I saw a powerful woman warrior with a long SPEAR in hand. She stood with one foot firmly planted on top of a mountain and her other foot lifted up in the air as if she was ready to strike something with it. She kicked out at an ancient-looking wooden door that opened with much force. It swung wide open and crashed against the wall with a loud thud. I then heard a voice declare “JOSEPHINE IS SPEAR-HEADING THE WAY!”

Definition of spearhead: (1) sharp pointed head of a spear (2) an individual or group chosen to lead an attack or movement.

I once read that combat troops which are sent to the forefront of battles are very often referred to as the ‘tip of the spear’, and that their role is to be the leading edge of the fighting, ahead of everyone else.

In Genesis 37-47 we read the story of Joseph. The call on his life was very evident at a very young age, being favored over his brothers by his father, and having dreams about his greatness. (Genesis 37). God prepared him to become a spearhead, being sent to the forefront many years before famine came upon the land. He went from being a dreamer-interpreter-shepherd to being the most powerful and wise leader during a time of great economic crisis in Egypt, in charge of all of the nation’s storehouses and wealth.

The Spears of Destiny:

In this vision, I heard the Lord calling the Josephines: the ‘Spears of Destiny’. I heard Him say: Josephine, a strong and powerful woman FORGED in the fire of the changes of life. She’s the ‘Spear of Destiny’ and she’s arising in this season. She is the prophetic entrepreneur that is marching forth into her destiny, unafraid of the threats of male and female counterparts that feel threatened somewhat by her strength and immovable faith. She has grace and abilities beyond her human capabilities which often surprise her more than it does others.

Josephine, a gifted market entrepreneur by nature, but she’s also prophetic by her calling. Her mantle, her coat of many colors, represents the diversity of gifts upon her life and her unique ability to multi-task. I saw a convergence of her gifts, abilities and anointing to manage, direct and handle valuable resources entrusted to her.

I saw other Josephines as they stood TOGETHER, side by side, shoulder to shoulder. This COMPANY of WOMEN OF WISDOM with prophetic and management skills are being brought together by divine intervention because of their unique ability to effectively gather, manage and distribute kingdom resources.

I also saw established Josephines that are stepping out to MENTOR and EQUIP younger and less experienced Josephines that are just beginning to come into their destiny and call. Some resources are going towards this noble cause of raising up ANOINTED WOMEN OF DESTINY in this coming season.

The Lord is stirring up hearts, to SHAKE and AWAKEN Josephines for such a time as this. Many Josephines are not even aware of who they really are. Some of them are about to experience an ‘aah’ moment when they realize what exactly they’ve been gestating for so long.

Those of you that know you’re a Josephine, this will be a confirmation for you. For others, it will be a fresh revelation and one that’s going to change how you think and do things. Suddenly, things will all make sense!

Labor Room Of Grace:

Whether you know it already or this message is confirming something for you, Abba is drawing you into the LABOR ROOM of His Grace for the birthing of His call upon your life.

In 1 Kings 18 Elijah knew that God was about to end the drought and he declared it to Ahab. He did not go about his way until he saw the first SIGNS of the coming rain. Now is not the time to sit and do nothing but rather it’s time to posture yourself and start to PUSH! It’s time to position yourself in prayer to birth your destiny, for you carry within you the seed of promise in your spiritual womb.

Some of you may find yourselves on your knees for an extended period of time while you wait for your gift to mature. You may have to bury your heads between your knees like Elijah did and wait for the first glimpse of the promise. Don’t give up! KEEP PUSHING until it’s BIRTHED!

Rise up Josephine, Spear of Destiny!

Anne Janssens 2nd October 2017

Postscript: The above word was given to me a few weeks ago and I’ve been waiting on the Lord on when to release it. This morning (2/10/17) my daughter came to me with a dream she had last night. In her dream, she heard the Lord call me out and gave me a new name: “Josephine Anne”! Josephine means ‘May Jehovah adds”. It means INCREASE, and Anne means GRACE.

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