Today I released to a friend a word that has been in hibernation for a number of days. As soon as I posted it to her, the SPIRIT of the LORD whispered to me “The time of release is now!” and immediately I knew that some aspects of this word is for many of you.

Arrow In The Hand Of The Archer

ARCHER: “a person who shoots with a bow and arrows” (Merriam Webster dictionary)

I’m reminded of a word I released on Prophetic Whispers (dated 15 October 2015 if you’d like to look it up) entitled “You Are An Arrow In The Hands Of The LORD”. It refers to my vision where the LORD was loading people up as arrows in His bow and then shooting them with SPEED and PRECISION.” (Psalm 127 – ‘Like arrows in the hand of a warrior..’).

The bow represents a prophetic intercessory MINISTRY that many are being called into. The arrows are the “prayers and words” the LORD puts in your mouth to be released in His time and according to His leading.

Yield To The Call

The LORD wants you to YIELD to His calling upon your life. You’ve said you want GOD to use you. What are you waiting for? What do you have to gain? EVERYTHING!!! As you give what you have inside of you, an abundance of blessings is waiting to be poured back into you so you are always operating in the OVERFLOW. Not in a place of lack, but in ABUNDANCE!

Isaiah 49:2 – “And He has made My mouth like a sharp sword; In the shadow of His hand He has hidden Me, And made Me a polished shaft; In His quiver He has hidden Me.”

Hidden In The Secret Place

The Lord has kept you hidden for a purpose and whilst you’ve been hidden, He has been secretly forming, equipping and preparing you for such a time this. You have yearned, cried and with deep longings and hunger in your heart you have asked questions like “When LORD, when?” Yet, in the waiting, you have never stopped trusting in Him and believing that the time will come when you will see His GLORY. I sense a SHIFT taking place around you… and within you! I sense a deep longing, like a woman in labor who is at the point of CROWNING.

Released To Soar

You are being released in your GIFTS and CALLING so you can soar as high as you can possibly go. Some of you are being set free from LIMITATIONS and HINDRANCES. The sky is not the limit when you are in the LORD and you are empowered by His SPIRIT. Doors are being opened, chains are being unlocked, hindrances cast aside and bondages are falling off. Pray in the spirit and see the shockwaves of the power of GOD reverberating and pulling down mountains that until now have been hard to shift. THE MOUNTAINS WILL SHIFT as you pray in POWER!

John 8:36 – “Therefore if the SON sets you free, you shall be free indeed” Gal 5:1 – “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.”

THE TIME OF RELEASE IS NOW. Be ye set free, in JESUS name.

Anne Janssens   19 December 2017

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