Imagine for a minute that you’re standing in this massive room; the atmosphere is thick with the most beautiful aroma, which is the fragrance of the love of Jesus. Everyone that steps into this fragrance is instantly healed, changed, transformed, revived, delivered and strengthened.

I encountered the Lord’s healing and redeeming grace in a dream once. The room was filled with magnificent red roses, and petals were scattered everywhere and covered the floor like a carpet. There was a long banquet table with a lavish feast all laid out but there were only TWO chairs, indicating the feast was for two persons only. I sat down on one chair, not knowing who my mystery host was. Then He breezed in, His feet hardly touching the floor and He sat in the empty chair. I was mesmerized by Him as He captivated my whole attention. His eyes never left my own. I sensed something going on behind me so I turned and looked. A crowd of people were looking in through the doorways and windows.

Then He spoke in a soft beautiful sing-song voice:

“Beloved, I have prepared this banquet in the sight of your enemies. See, they have no access into My presence.  I’ve anointed you with the oil of gladness, from your head down to your soles. My goodness and mercy hang over you like a cloak soaked in fragrant oils and My love is a shade over your life. This is your home; here you shall dwell.” (Psalm 23:6)

As soon as He said those words, I felt burden after burden after burden being lifted off my shoulders. I was completely undone by His goodness and love. Suddenly, I felt free and I knew I was healed and delivered of whatever it was that had been plaguing me.

I looked down at my dress, it wasn’t the one I wore when I arrived in the banquet room. I came in wearing an old stained dress but now it has been transformed into a beautiful WHITE flowy gown.  As if reading my thoughts, He said “Washed by My Blood!”

I woke up from this dream and my bedroom was filled with this beautiful sweet scent. I have studied and blended essential oils for many years as a profession, but it wasn’t a scent that I was familiar with. As I was trying to decipher the scent, I heard in the spirit “This is the scent of heaven”.  Immediately I was reminded of Psalm 45:8 – “All Your garments are scented with myrrh and aloes and cassia…”

I looked at the time and it was 3:33 am.

I then heard the Lord say:
“It’s revelation time! I desire to take you into My secret place where I can lavish My love on you and reveal to you the amazing things that I’m preparing for My beautiful bride that words can’t even fathom.
Jeremiah 33:3 –  ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

I pondered about my beautiful white gown from my dream and I was immediately reminded of Revelations 7 – where those of us whose robes will be made white in the Blood of the Lamb will live before the Throne Room of God with our Lord, Savior and good Shepherd. We need to chose by faith to live in His presence daily, under the shadow of His wings. This is our ultimate place of protection, hidden in Him and by Him. We are the sheep of His pasture, His sons and daughters that have found our place of safety in His arms. The day is near when we will fear and cry no more for finally we will find our way home; in the safety of His presence (Psalm 91) and in the Fragrance of His redeeming love. (Revelations 7:14-18)

I pray that Jesus will open the door of revelation to as many of you whose hearts are opened to see visions and dream dreams. May you have open-heaven encounters that will launch you in your purpose where miracles, signs and wonders follow you. May your “Yes” today to Him catapult you to a new and higher realm of His Shekinah Glory where the blind see, the deaf hear, demons are cast out and the dead raised as you share the gospel. This is your destiny, your call.

Anne Janssens
29 July 2018


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