Many believers are so afraid to confront the enemy that they go through life walking in defeat. Many others have been erroneously taught that if they mention the devil’s name, they are glorifying him. That’s a bait, and cannot be further from the truth (the word of God mentions him… a lot!). If you believe that, you’ve fallen right into his trap. Satan… he doesn’t like to be confronted or mentioned, because he wants you to stay in ignorance of who he is… a defeated foe!

He doesn’t want you to know that Jesus has given you spiritual AUTHORITY over his dark works when He overcame him on the cross.

Collosians 2:15 “Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.”

We have available in our spiritual arsenal BOTH defensive and offensive weapons for effective warfare. Learn when & how to use them correctly and effectively. Just remember, you hold the trigger and the safety pin, that RELEASE the weapons with great force. I’m referring to your TONGUE! Reading Psalm 91 (promise of protection) repeatedly will build your faith and store faith in your heart. You activate that faith by releasing breath (ruach) when you SPEAK it out.

Start winning VICTORIES today by COMMANDING the devil to back off from you, your children, your business, your marriage, your finances, your health. Pull the trigger, loosen the safety pin and begin to command your day, your night, your future.

Spiritual warfare is not just about fighting demonic forces. It’s about releasing the battle to Jesus by calling upon His mighty name. It’s about standing on the position of His thunderous victory to SPEAK death to the devil’s cunning plots and activating LIFE in your life.


Father, I stand on Your spoken word that in You I have peace because Jesus has already overcome the world and the works of the enemy (John 16:33). Help me to boldly stand against everything that is sent to break me, knowing that my victory is a done deal. I will not fear the tactics of the enemy or his agents sent to rattle me. I will raise my voice and shout “VICTORY!!!” and watch them flee because there’s power on my lips. In Jesus name. Amen.

Anne Janssens
01 June 2020

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