I’m discerning the hearts of many who on this day do not have (or have NEVER HAD) a father figure in their lives and are feeling “separated” (another word for lonely as taught to me by my sister-in-Christ

Apos Victoria Scott

) and sad. Like me, they’ve beem avoiding social media on this day for that very reason.


It’s hard to join in the celebration of Dads (full respect to all the wonderful biological & spirituals dads and dads-to-be) when you don’t know “what” to say and “who” to address, if you’ve never had someone to call “Dad”.

It’s much easier and less painful to stay quiet than having to voice what’s on your heart of what it’s really like for you. Because if you do, there is always someone that will come and preach to you some “religious” sermon about having an orphan spirit or some other judgmental comment to put you down. So you remain silent.

Then there are those that have had amazing dads in their lives but they’ve gone to be with the Lord. If you say you miss him, they will say that you still need healing.

Others have a dad, somewhere in the universe, but you no longer have a relationship with him. The rejection and abandonment is real and it’s raw especially on Father’s Day.

For me the irony is that in June most of the world is celebrating and the part of me that had always wanted to have my biological dad in my life yearns for it even though I have made peace with my situation and have moved on with my life. Yet, in September when Australia celebrates Fathers Day, this yearning may again rise to the surface (my prayer is it won’t.) This is me being authentic, honest and transparent about the things I struggle with and I know I’m a work in progress. Who isn’t?

Last night as I cried before My Heavenly Father to fill that small void in my heart that has been awakened to the yearning for a physical dad, the still small voice of my Papa God boomed through the night and said “I’VE GOT YOU, MY CHILD”. (These were the very words He used to introduce Himself to me over 20 years ago on the day I got saved). The liquid pure love of My Daddy in Heaven, like the Healing Balm of Gilead, ran down my head and washed over me and entered my hurting heart and soothed my pain. At that moment it felt like I had been wrapped by MANY arms and we were just hugging each other.

I realized then that it was not just me in His warm embrace but the MANY of us that God was embracing and bringing unto Himself in this intimate and very special moment. He’s our TRUE Father who LOVES us ALL so recklessly, lavishly and unreservedly. He cares SO much about our joy and sadness, our cares, needs, issues and struggles that we face on a daily basis. He doesn’t care about the color of our skin, whether we’re rich or poor, living in sin or a holy life. HE LOVES US ALL EQUALLY and UNCONDITIONALLY.

If you’re hurting today, Papa God has GOT YOU and He’s healing your heart with His healing love.


Thank you Papa God, we LOVE and CELEBRATE YOU !!!!

Anne Janssens
22 June 2020

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