Arise and shine! Morning has broken and I see many emerging from their cocoons and coming forth from infancy into maturity. “It is the Season of Emergence” I recently heard the Lord say.

It’s time to metamorphose your life and interrupt the “interruptions” that have caused a slow down of God’s plans and purpose for your life.

I see God’s sons and daughters emerging stronger and wiser out of the confinement of past seasons into the new. They are secure in their new identity, and clothed with dignity and purpose. They have shed their old garment of uncertainty and fear and are dressed with boldness and courage. The joy of the Lord is their strength!

In a vision recently, I was shown a group of children playing the game “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. It’s a popular game where a blindfolded child is handed a donkey tail with a pin at the end and instructed to try and place it on just the right spot on a picture of a tail-less donkey taped on the wall.

As I sought for understanding, I was shown that the tail is a metaphor for “tale”, the devil’s yarn manifesting in various forms… lies, fabrications, false narratives, inventions, slander, defamation, gossip, libel. All these originate from the enemy’s spinning wheel, where he spins and fashions his evil desires and plots regarding you. Oftentimes you’ve accepted to wear these “labels” although there was no TRUTH in any of them.

This is a good day to silence the “voices” and take charge of your destiny. It’s the opportune time to begin to rewire your brain and purge out the “tales” the devil has been whispering in your ears, which have caused many to accept a “false identity”. It’s time to shed these “labels” for they do NOT represent who you are in the Kingdom of God and what He says about you.

I am reminding you today of your TRUE IDENTITY in Christ:

You have the mind of Christ, you are the righteousness of God, His masterpiece, His new creation, adopted by Him, His son/daughter, redeemed by Christ, more than a conqueror, an overcomer, forgiven, free, delivered, exceptionally strong, victorious warrior, healed, made whole, worthy, rich, prosperous, at peace, unconditionally loved, full of joy, full of purpose, accepted, multi-gifted, talented, anointed, called. You are a starter & a finisher, world changer, atmosphere shifter, transformer, revivalist, encourager, equipper, dreamer, seer, discerner, knower, wise, supernaturally & abundantly blessed.

You have been blessed with a powerful weapon, your tongue, with which to take dominion and rule over creation. Call forth your breakthrough, transform, recreate, revive and reshape your life. Begin to change and shift the atmosphere around you by speaking words of life for they are the most important things in the universe when it comes to God’s creation. God’s word is powerful and supercharged with faith. In Hebrews 11:3 we see how “the worlds were framed by the word of God”. The tongue was the instrument by which He created all things.

Proverbs 18:21 says “The tongue has the power of life and death.”

Your words bring life or it can bring death. Jesus cursed the fig tree and it died. Likewise, you can build someone up or you can tear them down with your words. What you say about yourself can create your kingdom identity (what God says about you) or it can create a false identity (what the devil says about you). One brings light into your life, the other brings darkness. The stakes are very high so watch your mouth-gate carefully.

Speak with confidence and authority. Exercise your dominion. Release blessings and refute curses over your life and that of your love ones. Command sickness and disease to bow their knees. Curse them at the roots.

Poverty and lack have no place in your life. Cut off the heads of Goliaths with the sword of the Spirit, the word of God. Command the powers of darkness to dry up and break from your life. Call forth abundance and prosperity for this is your rightful inheritance and God’s will for you.

A Brief Reminder:
1. Watch carefully over the words you speak. Choose your words wisely.
2. Bless people, not curse them. They are not your real enemies.
3. Warriors don’t beg, they command, take authority and exercise dominion over the enemy.
4. Forgive unhesitatingly. Honour unreservedly. Give generously. Practice humility.
5. Speak DIRECTLY to your circumstances instead of about them.
6. Command those mountains to move with your mustard seed sized faith, and expect them to move.
7. Praise, honour, glorify and show God your utmost gratitude.

In conclusion, I decree and declare over you:

Anne Janssens
08 March 2021

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