I asked the Lord for a word this morning (1st January, 2023) and this is what He impressed upon my heart:

‘Even if the seasons are changing, the fruit of God’s Spirit remains the same! You can expect a great harvest in 2023 if you have planted in and out of season in 2022.’

As I reflected more about what I heard the Lord say today, the Holy Spirit began to expand on it and brought to my understanding that God wants us to flourish because He wants us to be prosperous.

The biblical concept of flourishing is contained in the Hebrew word “shalom”. The shalom of God includes more than just peace but also salvation, healing, deliverance, soundness (of mind), wholeness (in body, soul & spirit), well-being, righteousness, Justice and more. Shalom speaks of our right relationship with God the Father and with others. When the Shalom that passes all understanding rests upon God’s creation, it signifies the presence of life in abundance. It’s the very opposite of the devil’s mission and the reason why Jesus the Savior & Redeemer came (John 10:10).

I declare this over you today:

May you flourish in your current season and in your next.

May you harvest in abundance and also continue to plant in abundance.

May the rest and the shalom of the Lord descend and remain upon your household  in 2023.

A very happy and never-ending flourishing, prosperous 2023 so that you enjoy a perpetual harvest throughout the year.

Abundant blessings of shalom and love.

Anne Janssens
01 January 2023

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