The old for the new


In a vision today I saw a young woman wearing a golden crown which seemed to have seen better days. It was obvious that it used to be magnificent but now it looked somewhat old, with chips and dents in some places. I noticed some of the diamonds and jewels that once adorned it were missing.

I then saw the hand of Jesus remove the old crown from her head and immediately replaced it with a brand NEW one. It was MAGNIFICENT and more splendorous than the previous one, and it was covered with big sparkly diamonds and other precious jewels.

Whatever has been going on in your life, however devastating the bombarding of enemy fire against you these past days, weeks or months, God is about to do something that is going to turn things around for you. He’s going to shift some things. I sense that minds have been under attack, causing some to even think they are about to literally lose their minds. I’m sensing a lot of word curses and Jezebelic witchcraft that’s causing a lot of confusion and disorientation for many.

In Ephesians 6:17 apostle Paul makes reference to the Helmet of Salvation as part of the Armor of God which serves as protection for your mind (soul), the main battlefield in spiritual warfare. Your helmet is like the “Victor’s Crown” which brings hope against discouragement and despair (the enemy’s weapons against you) as you go through your journey in life. Jesus wears the “Victor’s Crown” and He is your hope and your salvation. He is Christ in you the Hope of Glory (Colossians 1:27).

Your crown has done an amazing job at withstanding the constant battering against your minds. It had been hit so hard and so often, causing the dents, the chip, the broken and missing jewels, and for that reason it’s been in urgent need of repair. Instead of just repairing, JESUS IS EXCHANGING THE OLD WITH THE NEW !!!

A sense that I’m getting is that the enemy may have been unable to topple you but he could be about to up his game. BUT God is always many, many steps ahead of him. As a matter of fact, HE’S GOT YOU COMPLETELY COVERED !!!

A crown has many symbolic meanings, a few of them being:

  1. Authority 2. Honor 3. Being set apart for a particular task (your calling) 4. Consecration & exaltation

Crown of Honor & Glory : The removal of the old crown being replaced by the new magnificent crown indicates that God is removing many things from your past in order to bring you into the new. He’s removing shame from you and replacing it with HONOR. He’s restoring the honor of those that have felt shamed, humiliated, dishonored, devalued and unworthy. The Lord is restoring your dignity and self-worth. Instead of walking the walk of shame, you can now hold your head up high and walk the road of grace and victory knowing that you are beautiful and acceptable in the sight of God.

Crown of Upgrade & Promotion : I see through the vision given to me that your crown is like a Medal of Honor from your Commander-in-chief for a job well done. It’s also an UPGRADE and a PROMOTION. This is a new season that you are entering in. In this season of upgrade and promotion, expect to walk in greater AUTHORITY and in the FAVOR of the Lord like never before. The crown of shame and humiliation weighed you down and stopped you from walking in dignity with the authority that you know you have. Well-meaning people will tell you all too often “You have authority over this thing… use your authority!” But it’s not always easy for everyone, especially when you’re constantly being so bombarded that you have no time to breathe.

With the weight of shame and humiliation gone, you are about to find that it’s easier to exercise your authority more effectively, especially against the very thing that has held you at a disadvantage for so long. When praying for other people, you will find that you’ve become more confident and fearless about confronting the very thing that you’ve had to overcome yourself. WHATEVER YOU OVERCOME, YOU HAVE AUTHORITY OVER !!!

May you be blessed by what the Lord has placed upon my heart for you today, and be encouraged by this scripture from 1 Peter 5:4 “When the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that does not fade away.”

Lyrics from Bethel Music: “Old For New” What was torn You mend again You redesign the tattered thread by thread You take the broken and destroyed You rebuild, You make whole

Joy, begin to rise Hope, begin to light the dark Our God exchanges old for new Dawn has conquered dark Death has lost to life And now we are exchanging old for new

Anne Janssens  17th August 2017

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