This is a repost of the word that I released in April 2016 and many recent words from other prophets are confirming that it is still a NOW word!

I am so very excited to share this powerful vision the Lord gave me recently.


I saw a gigantic GOLDEN PEN coming out of heaven and descending towards earth. As it entered the earthly realm it began to “birth” many little golden pens that came out of its “belly” and gravitated straight towards the hands of MANY.

Whilst many people were oblivious of the pens, some instantly sensed the SHIFT in the atmosphere as the pens drew towards them and automatically their fingers curled around the pens. Some appeared to ‘see’ the pens as they reached out and grabbed one when they came within their focus and reach.

Something extra unusual about those pens was that they seemed to have LIFE in them. Some of them lingered in the atmosphere until someone “spoke” words of FAITH that was in agreement with what God was saying and doing. Then immediately the pens gravitated towards them and they were able to grab a hold of them by faith.

I heard the Lord say: In this season I am calling forth anointed authors that will heed My call to WRITE books. These books have already been penned by My Spirit and sits in My library in Heaven. I am releasing an anointing for many that are called and many that have not yet been called but have the DESIRE to be used in this season to proclaim new revelations that I will make known to them.

These anointed pens are powerful TOOLS of warfare. They tell testimonies of your victories against the works of darkness that have been won in the Name of the Lord. They are like swords in the hands of believers. Do not underestimate the power of those pens for they write words that are powerfully anointed and are as MIGHTY as the sword!

These pens will tell stories yet untold, sealed words that are yet to be told for such a time as this. Rejoice! The time is now!

Speedy Delivery: I saw stacks of books already written and they were being packed and ready to be SHIPPED out and I had the sense that these books were written in “record” time. I sense the LORD saying ‘I’m accelerating the time; from writing to publication to delivery. I’m speeding up the entire process”.

I saw the illustrations and artwork on the book covers and they were striking and beautiful and they told a story of their own. The Lord is anointing the hands of artists to impart LIFE and deliverance via canvases. The level and quality of work even by young artists is about to hit the roof!

You will write with boldness, confidence and authority, I heard the Lord say. He is about to open the hearts and spiritual eyes of many in this hour to unveil divine revelation via His anointed vessels. Get ready to be used mightily by Him.

Amos 3: 7 ” Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”

Anne Janssens   02 March 2018

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