Today is International Women’s Day. It’s YOUR day! Be glad and rejoice for the door to the King’s chambers is open…ed to you (Song 1:4) for such a time as this. I’m calling you forth to ARISE and MARCH towards your destiny.

I declare over you:

You are noble and worthy of everything that GOD has reserved for you. Your tears and laughter are very much WHO you are and are capable to MOVE the heart of GOD. You are beautiful and perfect because you were created and fashioned by your PERFECT Creator who has clothed you with strength and dignity, beauty and poise, intelligence and wisdom, faithfulness and courage, loyalty and truthfulness. You are FEARLESS, and fear and anxiety have no place in you.

You are blessed! Your womb is blessed! Your offsprings are blessed! Your finances are blessed! Your household is blessed! The works of your hands are blessed!

As you serve and multitask in different areas of your life, I declare an INCREASE of grace, favor, joy and GOD’s everlasting divine protection over you.

All of you Proverb 31 women, you are world changers and women of great influence: The Marys, Esthers, Ruths, Hannahs, Deborahs, Rahabs, Ruths, Sarahs

ARISE and receive your crown. You have earned it!

Anne Janssens 8 March 2017

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