After a brief moment of prayer tonight I began to see in a vision a very large python wrapped around someone and squeezing life out of him.

Immediately I began to call for the Fire of the Lord. I knew this was warfare because I have come under heavy attack during this past 24 hours. The battle began shortly after I had read from and prayed through Acts 16:16-23 after the Spirit of the Lord had given me spiritual insight about a situation yesterday morning that involved a python (divination) spirit.

Acts 16:16 is about a certain slave girl possessed by the spirit of python who followed the disciples of Jesus around for days proclaiming what was an ‘accurate’ fact about these men of God. Yet Paul DISCERNED the REAL identity of the spirit behind the proclamation, an evil spirit called python that bound the girl. When Apostle Paul exposed that spirit and cast it out, a huge revolt (warfare) broke out in the city against the apostles. During the past 24 hours I have literally been in a fierce battle for my life!

Tonight as I called for the Fire of the Lord to fight against this demonic entity, the Lord said that this battle is NOT just for me but it was for the MANY of you in this hour that are being HEAVILY oppressed by the spirit of python, that is trying to constrict you to destroy your gift, your calling, your ministry, your marriage, your family. It’s has been bombarding you with lies, condemnation, accusation, confusion and fear.

I sense the attacks have been particularly fierce against the prophets and prophetic people, intercessors and warriors, and those that have being exposing false spirits disguising themselves as “revelators” of truth but are in fact “counterfeits”. This battle is a battle against TRUTH! The enemy has been constricting you and trying to shut you up and shut you down because you have proven yourself to be a Philippians 4:8 voice of the Lord. When you exposed the lies and dirty tactics of the enemy, you stirred up the hordes of hell, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say.

Tonight, as I called for the Fire of God, the flames began to grow larger and higher and I saw the flames began to spread over vast areas in the spirit. They went into holes, under rocks, into caves, and areas of darkness and began to drive out snakes, small and large, that were hiding in the holes in the ground and under rocks and caves. The Fire of God was not just exposing the snakes, but they were driving them out STRAIGHT INTO the Fire to be consumed by the Fire of the Lord. There was no escape for them because nothing and no one can escape the FIRE of the Lord.

As I witnessed the awesomeness of God’s power tonight, I invited the Fire of the Lord to come into the deepest areas of my soul and life and I asked for the Fire of God to flush out and expose areas of my life where the enemy may have taken refuge, where I may have knowingly or unknowingly given him access.

I saw the Fire of the Lord reach into the dark and obscure areas of my soul and began to flush out snakes, some big ones and some of baby ones that were hiding there. They were drawn out straight into the Fire of the Lord and immediately consumed. The snakes cannot hide from the Fire of the Lord. Not only will It expose them but It will exterminate them and turn them into ashes before your eyes.

Speak out and call for My Fire, I heard the Lord say. Command My Fire to go into the holes, under the rocks and into the caves of your life, where the enemy has taken refuge. Refuse to harbor the pythons and the snakes that have been constricting you and confining you from BEing who I have called you to be, says the Lord.

As the tongues of Fire lapped at the python that was wrapped around this person trapped inside this large constrictor, the skin and flesh of this creature  began to melt and burn and the python lost its grip on him and  he was able to step out into FREEDOM. The Lord wants to do the same for you today provided you are willing to embrace His Fire.

A couple of days ago we celebrated the day of Pentecost. John the Baptist prophesied in
Matthew 3:11-12 (emphasis is mine) – “I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and FIRE. His winnowing fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly CLEAN OUT His threshing floor, and gather His wheat into the barn; but He will BURN UP THE CHAFF WITH UNQUENCHABLE FIRE”

I heard the Lord say the Baptism of Fire is here to expose and exterminate the snakes that have been sent to hinder you and shut you down. As you embrace the Fire of the Lord, I am setting you free from everything that has been constricting you and preventing you from rising from glory to glory. Embrace the Fire of the Lord for it’s the KEY to your deliverance, freedom and victory against the spirit of python in this hour.

In Matthew 4:8 the devil took Jesus to the peak of a very mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say “I will give you the mountains and you will behold My glory from every mountain tops. Many of you are about to enter into a fresh new season of ELEVATION of the GLORY of the Lord. You are about to SOAR to greater heights because the one that has been hindering your elevation is dead!”

Prayer & Declaration:
I declare over you today that the Spirit of the Lord is here with His Fire to destroy every yoke, every bondage, every spirit of witchcraft that has been controlling, constricting and inhibiting you from living your life to the fullest. The Lord is fighting the fiery battles that have been roaring against you in this hour. The Spirit of the Lord is raising a standard against the onslaught upon your life. He’s setting you free. Submit yourself to His Holy Fire as He cleans up your life of the chaff, of every false doctrine, witchcraft, wickedness, iniquity and everything that is worthless and corrupted in your life with His unquenchable Fire. I declare it’s your hour of freedom. It’s your hour of elevation into glory!

The python is dead. IT’S TIME TO ASCEND !!!

Anne Janssens


  1. Charlotte

    This has spoken to me in a very personal way, as I was involved in warfare involving a fortune teller/diviner in my neighbourhood. I thank The Lord for leading me here. Thank you for serving Him and blessing us.


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