It’s conception time and the Lord is releasing SEEDS of glory that are about to impregnate the spirits of the Daughters of Sarah.

There is a FAITH that is coming upon these handmaidens of the Lord; faith that will break shackles to pieces and deliver the people of God from things that have held them in bondage and captivity. It will cause spiritual wombs to groan as in labor as never before for the birthing of healing, deliverance, restoration and breakthrough for many in the coming seasons.

Faith by the Spirit of the Lord (1Corinthians 12:9) is coming upon the Daughters that have paid the high cost, that have carried their cross and have been compelled by the Spirit of the Lord to help bear the crosses of others. (In Mark 15:21, a man called Simon was compelled to bear the cross of Jesus). The Lord says “For your FAITHfulness, faith is your REWARD!

Shattering Shackles of Barrenness

It’s the season of Hebrews 11:11 for the Daughters of Sarah. Faith is arising in this hour to break off the curses that have held many in Barren Land, in hopelessness and pain.

When God endowed Sarah with the faith to believe that she would bear seed and become the mother of many nations, the strength of the Lord filled her with the supernatural ability to shatter the shackles of barrenness. There is an INCREASE of that faith coming upon the Daughters of Sarah in this hour and it’s coming in ABUNDANCE. Yes, you are hearing DOUBLE! Double favor and double anointing are coming upon My Daughters in this hour, says the Lord.

Daughters, the Lord has heard your spirit cries as you have groaned in deep intercession, not just for yourselves but for countless others. Your compassion and faithfulness are a beacon of light shinning in the darkness for many. It brings hope to the hopeless and faith to the faithless. The Lord is coming with a great recompense, a double for your trouble, for those that have sacrificed much for the blessing of others.

Hope In The Dry Seasons

Many have gone through dry and barren seasons where there’s been no rain. Their lives have been like parched and thirsty river beds filled with emptiness and grief. Many have given up hope, but many more have kept on believing that one day the drought will end and the rains will come. There’s hope in God’s promises:
“I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs” (Isaiah 41:18).
“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” (Isaiah 43:19)

Look up, Daughters of Sarah. The oils of your prayers have reached tipping point and are about to overflow the rims of your bowls. Be ready to harvest the rewards of your faithfulness and obedience. Be ready, for I will make a way in the deserts of your lives, and I will POUR out and you shall OVERFLOW, says the Lord.

Dancing In The Rain

In a vision I saw it was raining  golden RAIN which started as a drizzle at first and turned into a downpour. The Spirit of the Lord said “It’s time to dance in the rain. Come and be saturated by My GLORY so you can be filled to the brim!” The sound of the abundance of the rain is here. It fills the barren and brings LIFE to their spirits to catapult them into their new season of fruitfulness and abundance.
Arise and prepare to dance your BREAKTHROUGH dance for  abunDANCE is coming upon you to usher in the glory of the Lord . Resist the temptation to give up but PUSH through the birth pangs.

I heard the Lord say “You are waiting for Me to break through for you but YOU ARE THE BREAKTHROUGH! You are waiting for Me to move the mountain but YOU ARE THE MOUNTAIN-MOVER! All you need to do is believe because your strength is SUPERNATURAL.

The Singing Wombs Releasing Joy

I heard the sound of joyous singing and it came to me that the wombs of the Daughters of Sarah are singing a new song as their groaning is turning into JOY! There is an awakening coming upon you as the Spirit of the Lord begins to blow a fresh wind of HOPE over you in this hour. It’s time to enter the Labor Room of Heaven! It’s time to birth!

Daughters, by faith get ready to receive your new identity and crown. No longer will you be called ‘barren princesses’ but you will be known as noble and worthy carriers of God’s glory.

Anne Janssens
June 19, 2018

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