Remember the words of Jesus “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country and in his own house” (Matthew 13:58)

If you are a prophet, most likely you may already have, or will at some point in your lifetime, be dishonored by the people in your own hometown, church, community or household. If it happened to Jesus, very likely it may just happen to you, if it hasn’t already.

Dishonour comes in different forms. They’ll roll out the red carpet and throw up a banquet to celebrate and honor the foreign prophet, but you (the local prophet) will most likely just receive a backroom handshake, or maybe not. They may just ignore you or disregard you just as soon as you have served your purpose, and they are done with you. They’ll take up the biggest love offering to honour the foreign prophet to support his/her ministry but you (the local prophet) will just receive a very quiet ‘thank you very much’ behind closed doors, then they’ll send you away packing, empty handed. They’ll even curse you as you leave!

Worst still, they’ll whisper behind your back, and say bad things about you (the local prophet), all in the name of the Lord, because they are so OFFENDED by the gifts and the anointing that are upon your life, which are some of the things the religious spirits hate with a vengeance. The prophet’s anointing in particular, poses a huge THREAT to the religious spirit, because it exposes the evil, corruption and wrong attitude of the heart of this particularly spirit. If they hated Jesus, they will hate the TRUE sons and daughters of King Jesus, in whose name you come.

If you can relate to any of this, you’ve probably at least once been exposed to and experienced the viper’s sting.

So, here’s what the Lord dropped into my spirit this morning:

Those very same things that have been done against you: the dishonor, the rejections, the whisperings and the hurts that come with them, God will use them to PUSH you forward and ahead, to PROSPER and ELEVATE you to even HIGHER and GREATER realms of FAVOR and GLORY than you can ever fathom.

Forgive and keep going, as you shake off the dust off your feet. You’re blessed and highly favored by GOD and your REWARD is on its way. REJOICE!

Anne Janssens
12 June 2019

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