Today I was spending time alone with the Lord when I had a vision that impacted me very deeply.

In the vision I saw a small group of people and they were standing at a crossroad, with roads that led to 4 different directions. An arrow appeared and pointed to one direction but as the people began to move towards that direction, another arrow appeared and pointed in the opposite direction. As they began to move towards that new direction, again another appeared and pointed into a different direction. The people froze and being unable to move they seemed confused and uncertain regarding the direction they should take.

As I came out of the vision, this word was given to me:

Children of the Living God:

I have not called you to follow the vision of others but I have given you specific vision for that which I want to establish through you. You have become confused and uncertain because the road that you are on is not the vision I have for you.

The Lord has shown me that the arrows represent “blind leaders” who they themselves have no clear vision for themselves or where they’re going. They are the blind leading the blind (Matthew 15:14).

I heard Him say:

I did not call you to follow in the footsteps of men but I have called you to follow in Mine. Go back to the place where I first called you and gave you a NEW NAME. I am He who has called you and I am He who will establish you. Go back to the mountain where you encountered My fire and I will revive your vision, says the Lord.

Those that have lost their vision have chosen to follow the wrong guides. They have heeded the wrong voices that are leading them away from their calling. The further away you move from the place of your calling, the harder it is to hear the cooing of the Dove whose voice is loving, gentle and kind. (Galatians 5:22-23). This is the path which the Lord has called you take. The fruit of His Spirit is your portion.

Ezekiel 37:4 “Prophesy to these bones, and say to them, ‘O dry bones, hear the word of the LORD!”

Let the voice of God’s prophets raise up your dry bones and revive your strength. They shall prophesy to your breath and the quickening power of His Spirit shall come upon you to restore and build you up.

Hear O children of the living God, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say I am releasing a wind in your midst and will cause your bones to rattle. What is not of Me will fall off but you will stand strong!

The Lord quickened in my spirit that there are thieves that have been coming in the middle of the night, and sometimes in broad daylight, to steal from the barns of God’s children. They have been stealing from the harvest that they did not labor for.

I heard the Lord say: Hear my children, the enemy has infiltrated your camp and stolen that which he did not work for. Rise up in boldness and courage and claim back what is yours. I will put you in your own pasture where the thief will not find you to steal from your barn again for you have learned from your mistakes and will walk in wisdom and discernment. I will restore to you that which the locust has eaten (Joel 2:25) and you shall be full.

So ARISE army of the house of the Lord. Shake off the dust! It’s time to accomplish the purpose which the Lord has for your life.

Anne Janssens
07 May 2020

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