(Repost from 02 June 2019)

I had a most unusual vision as I was seeking the LORD for a word that would bless and encourage you this month of June, the half-way mark of this year. I saw a vision of a single RED ROSE with its petals removed and laid in a circle around the bud. I counted 5 petals in total.

I then saw a road-sign that said “HIGHWAY 555”. As soon as I saw this sign, the voice of the LORD came to me very clearly, “It’s MY HIGH WAY of holiness, paved with My GRACES!”

Prophetically, 555 stands for TRIPLE GRACE. I did a bit of research over the Internet and this is what I found:

“The ROSE is associated to the month of JUNE as its BIRTH FLOWER. All but one species of the rose have FIVE petals. The rose is a beloved flower known for its beauty and fragrance and is a symbol of love”.

Encouraged by this revelation, I began to pray and ask the LORD for further revelation. He showed me FIVE graces that are being poured out over the body of Christ this month of June:

1. TRIPLE GRACE that will resurrect your dreams and turn them into reality

2. ACCELERATION of Favor and Blessings

3. BIRTHING: Fresh starts, new beginnings, new plans & fresh hope

4. VISIONS: to see the impossible become possible

5. BOLDNESS to step out of the shadows of others to take back stolen possessions and impact your city for Christ.

Many people are fearful of BIRTHING PAIN but in June there is an impartation of TRIPLE GRACE coming upon many that will be entering GOD’s Labour Room, and this grace is going to usher in RESURRECTION power and open many doors of blessings. Impossibilities are being turned into possibilities, and there is a birthing of new plans and fresh hope into the lives of many. A line has been drawn and only YOU have access to what is waiting for you on the other side. As you step over this half-way mark of June, there is an ACCELERATION of FAVOR and BLESSINGS being poured out over the next half of this year and beyond. The rose represents beauty, fragrance and love – you are a fragrance of CHRIST to GOD among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing (2 Cor 2:15).

Angelic hosts are being released to assist MANY in making fresh starts and new beginnings this month. Pages are being turned over and many that have been holding on to the past are suddenly finding the strength and courage to move on with their lives.

The captives are being set free!

I saw someone take a step forward as a heavy shackle fell off their foot and it came to me that the shackle was already loosened but that person hadn’t realized it until now!

The SPIRIT said “Look beyond the horizon; what do you see?” I looked but saw nothing. The SPIRIT insisted “Look again!” So I looked but again saw nothing.

Then the SPIRIT said “Look past the month of June and into the months ahead and beyond for I will open your eyes and give you MULTIPLE VISIONS and you will see the impossibles of your life become possible and the invisible become visible to you. For it is written ‘no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined, what GOD has prepared for those that love Him’. (1 Corinthians 2:9).

I see believers stepping out of the shadows of others and stepping into a MANTLE OF BOLDNESS and POWER to take back stolen possessions from the enemy and impact their cities. I hear “Change is coming!”. Proverbs 28:1 speaks of the boldness of the lion – “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion”.

Like the lion, the people of GOD are being infused with royal power and strength to take back dominion from darkness and bring liberty to the captive.

GOD’s HIGH WAY of holiness and righteousness paved with grace is open for you to enter in to receive the GRACES OF JUNE!!!

Anne Janssens
02 June 2020

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