I had a very powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit during my time with Him this morning and I received a word for His Warrior Bride.

In a vision, I saw a veiled woman, with huge tears running down her face like a river as she looked up towards heaven. Her clothes were soaked with the many tears that she has been crying for a long, long time. She was pressing in deeper than she had done before. So intense was her prayers of supplication that the skin of her forehead & eyes was creased & wrinkled, and her hands tightly clasped as she pressed in unto the Author and Finisher of her faith.

Then the soft, gentle voice of Holy Spirit spoke and said:

“The attacks against you have been strong and fierce, and because of this the Lord is going to use you mightily against the works of the enemy for the glory of His name. So ARISE, Warrior Bride, go wash your face and PREPARE for the manifestation of the ANSWER, because the Lord has heard your cries and He has seen your tears.”

ARISE Definition:

Get up, stand up, become apparent.

It’s time to REJOICE and give THANKS for what is and is to come. You’re not insignificant; God knows your name and He’s going to REVEAL Himself through you.

Arise, Warrior Bride!

Anne Janssens
18 August 2020

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