I heard the Lord say today:

When you fight your battles in the realm that you cannot see, you will always experience victory after victory in the one that you can see.

You cannot win spiritual battles fighting in the natural realm for the enemy is strong when he’s in his comfort zone. All those that fight the wrong battles, or take their battles to natural battlegrounds such as social media, will experience defeat after defeat.

It’s time to CHANGE your battleground and strategies and see what God will do. Let HIM lift you up above those who rise against you.

Psalm 18:47-49 — It is God who avenges me, And subdues the peoples under me;

He delivers me from my enemies. You also lift me up above those who rise against me; You have delivered me from the violent man. Therefore I will give thanks to You, O LORD, among the Gentiles, And sing praises to Your name.

Anne Janssens
06 November 2020

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