James 5:16 “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

Today I heard the Lord say:

Be prepared for what you are praying for. Many of you ask of Me but you are unprepared to handle My answer. If you ask me to expose your enemy, what will you do if I tell you that he’s already dining and wining at your table? For many of you, your enemies are already within your gates. When you ask Me to expose them, I will lift the veil off your eyes and magnify your vision for you to see their evil works and deeds. Then you shall see the snakes hiding among the grass!

When you ask for discernment, also ask for wisdom. When you ask for revelation, also ask for understanding. When you ask for justice, also ask for mercy.

The mighty Holy Spirit, your Stand-by, is ready with all the tools you need to handle every task. He will bring order to your chaos and peace to your storm. When He groans and rumbles, mountains move and atmosphere shifts. He blows into situations with pinpointed accuracy, and shatters the hard places with just one breath. He raises up standards against the flood released by your enemy.

PRAYER: Father, prepare me for what I am praying for. Grant me fair weather for every battle that I am facing today and those I may face tomorrow, because You have already assured me of complete VICTORY.

Help me to trust You even when I cannot see the road ahead. Give me grace to forgive and love my enemies even when the inside of me screams from the pain of unleashed afflictions.

Give me the mind of Christ! When they use their tongues as a whip against me, and they assassinate my character and reputation, STILL I will love them!

Now Father, I am ready to listen and to hear Your answer to my prayers and to heed Your silent whisper in my heart.

Anne Janssens
8th November 2020

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